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Sum up everything about nails in a proper, interesting way on a single isn’t it? Oh yes you don’t have to look for 3 or 4 pages for a little more or different content. You are exactly where you have to be. Our page is far the biggest and widest as ever in the nail profession. You will cross tricky professional games, fabulous nail salon, shapes, creative nail artists, beautiful pictures and a webshop where you can reach for the most wanted, ace materials. And if you start to feel a little tired, just lay down and watch nail video series.

Change your world, with Nails TV!

The nail videos which can’t keep up to this running, modern age expectations will all become boring, out of fashion and of course unprofessional. Something fresh and thrilling! That’s all what we need! New techniques, eyeful nail design and full of details, crafty videos. Just watch! Watch them! It won’t take long to find your favourites. We will help you how to pick between the best materials, and supplies what suits you the most. Traditional and new things all in a brand new coat as well. Turn on nails TV and you will see how your world changes.



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